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Hej Hej!

This is the blog of Svenja and Daniela with some news about our project Close By Heart (working title).

It's for everybody who is interested in our music-documentary and in the stuff we do.

So, last weeks were full of organization and planning and today we get so curious about everything that we can't wait until Monday, when we will meet the band in Stockholm.

Yes, we really got a flight to the boys' fabulous hometown - €2 each, two way ticket!

Let's hope we'll be back in good conditions and with a lot of nice shots and great statements.

News about Stockholm and everything will follow soon!



Hier gibt's den Blog von Svenja und Daniela mit Neuigkeiten über unser Projekt Close By Heart (Arbeitstitel).

Für alle die sich für unsere Musikdoku und alles was wir so tun interessieren.

Die letzten Wochen haben wir uns ausgiebig mit Organisation und Planung beschäftigt und jetzt sind wir so neugierig dass wir es kaum erwarten können am Montag die Band in Stockholm zu treffen.

Jawoll, wir haben einen Flug bekommen in die wundervolle Heimat der Jungs für nur zwei Öken pro Person...hin und zurück!

Hoffentlich kommen wir gesund wieder und bringen viele tolle Bilder und großartige Statements mit.

Neuigkeiten aus Stockholm werdet ihr bald hier lesen können!



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So, after a really stressfull week, we are finally close to take off and start our adventure "by heart". I am really excited about going to Stockholm and especially for the flight (it is my first... and hopefully not my last )! Stay tuned to our blog here to get the latest news about our shootings and the project in general!!!

May the force be with us, Dani



So, nach einer wirklich stressigen Woche, stehen wir jetzt kurz davor abzuheben und in unseren Abenteuer "by heart" zu starten! Ich bin total aufgeregt, dass wir nach Stockholm fliegen und besonders wegen dem Flug an sich (ist mein erster Flug... und hoffentlich nicht mein letzter)! Bleibt am Ball bei unserem Blog, um immer auf dem laufenden zu bleiben, wie unsere Dreharbeiten laufen und wie es um unser Projekt steht!!!

Möge die Macht mit uns sein, Dani

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First day in Stockholm

Hej everybody!

 Today was our first day in Stockholm which means that we finally got to know three of the four band members in person. We had really nice conversations already and got to know them better! We as well did our first shootings, nice little interviews with the guys downtown! Locations: kitchen, public places and a lobby of the Scandic hotel! Nice statements, nice pictures!

Translation later ;-)  

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At the seaside with Enrique

Okay, now is not the end of the shooting today but we have a little bit of time off and will be back very late tonight, so here are a few infos.

 Today, Enrique, the guitar-player had a lot of time for us, so we did an interview in his nice little flat and visited his mum. She was great, told us many interesting things...after that we drove to the countryside with a really old bus with funny mistakes (you would NEVER find a car like that in Germany because of the nice TUEV!). It was the band VW bus, which thy also used for driving through Europe.

It was beautiful at the countryside, apart from the weather, with cute typical swedish houses at the sea and it was absolutely calm...

Tonight we meet Manuel the drummer, let`s see how this will be.

Get news tomorrow!

Svenja, Dani, Gabi

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Hej hej again!

After finally exploring that our sleeping couch in Benjamin's apartment is about 30 cm longer than we thought up to now (now we fit on it ), it is now my time again to tell you about the news of the day!

Today we have been with Benjamin to the school where the band was found 11 years ago and we hab a really really great interview with him there! And his Dad told us interesting facts considering former band names

In the evening we were able to join their rehearsal which was maybe one the most impressing moments! But you will see quite soon!

Dani in the name of the documentary team

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Home again

Hello everyone!

Finally we are back to Germany! We arrived here yesterday around lunchtime and as you can see, I am still alive even if flying still will never be fun for me at all... Looking back on the days we spend with the guys in Stockholm I am still amazed about all the stories they told us and how open they have been to us and our project! Thankx for that!!! Now we start getting through the material (and that is quite a lot!) and check the sound! On Monday then we start the preparation for our stay in Berlin. We are really looking forward to meet the guys again and finally see then playing live! Hopefully they are looking forward to see us as well


Greetz, Dani

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