At the seaside with Enrique

Okay, now is not the end of the shooting today but we have a little bit of time off and will be back very late tonight, so here are a few infos.

 Today, Enrique, the guitar-player had a lot of time for us, so we did an interview in his nice little flat and visited his mum. She was great, told us many interesting things...after that we drove to the countryside with a really old bus with funny mistakes (you would NEVER find a car like that in Germany because of the nice TUEV!). It was the band VW bus, which thy also used for driving through Europe.

It was beautiful at the countryside, apart from the weather, with cute typical swedish houses at the sea and it was absolutely calm...

Tonight we meet Manuel the drummer, let`s see how this will be.

Get news tomorrow!

Svenja, Dani, Gabi

20.11.07 19:07

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Maria (20.11.07 19:38)
Hallo Ihr Lieben, ich wuensche Euch viel Spaß und Erfolg bei Eurer Arbeit. Ich würde ja gerne mal Maeuschen spielen. Stockholm ist bestimmt toll. Liebe Gruesse an die Jungs aus der Band unbekannterweise. Den Bandbus stelle ich mir ziehmlich abenteuerlich vor. Bin gespannt auf die ersten Bilder.

Liebe Gruesse Maria

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