Some weekend experiences

Hello again!


Oh, Dani wrote two days ago...what a shame, we didn't write anything yesterday. But there is a good reason for that:

 Unfortunately, it seemed as if the guys didn't want the camera around them nearly the whole day. That led to the fact that the three of us used the day a little bit for ourselves until we finally met the band and Mucki, the manager in a crowded pizzeria. The evening ended in a nice club, where we could film a little bit, how the guys used to party...

Today was more effective. We went to a new club-location, which the guys wanted to see and ended up in there old Berlin-rehearsal room, where they then rehearsed their new song and some old, which they will play at the concert on thursday (by the way: who of you will come to the gig? )

It was great that we had Dominik, who is really into this sound stuff and some nice microphones from Tom Kentner! So the sound is really useful and we are looking forward to the concert!!!

Yes, I guess that's it for today.



9.12.07 23:54

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Gabi (10.12.07 13:15)
Hallo, Ihr Lieben!
Das klingt ja alles sehr verheißungsvoll: Party, Club...
Und wie gut, dass ihr diesmal einen kompetenten soundguy habt. Und gute Bilder liefern die Jungs ja sowieso... Ich bin sehr gespannt auf das Endprodukt - und auf Mittwoch (bzw. Donnerstag auf die performance) .
Freu mich auf euch. Gruß an alle!
Ich drrrrrrrrrrrrrrück euch!

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